Obama's parting shots

Two months ago, the president was faced with the reality that his legacy was rejected at the polls.  He had expected Hillary Clinton to win the national election and continue his policies.  Instead, Donald Trump utilized a successful strategy to win the Electoral College, bypassing the effort to secure the popular vote.  Trump thus demonstrated his political talents and showed that his business acumen is transferrable to wider issues.  We will see how well he and his amazing team will be able to reset the national priorities.

Initially, Obama recognized that Clinton was beaten fairly and that she had failed to provide any rationale for her election other than that she is a woman who would continue the Obama policies.  He blamed her loss on lack of effort to reach certain communities she took for granted.  He noted that he would have been more vigorous in the campaign.  

But with time, he has shifted his argument for Clinton's loss to the difficulty of a female breaking through and implied that the Russian penetration of DNC computers was critical to undermining her victory.  Obama has decided to erect roadblocks for Trump and alter longstanding relationships with allies such as Israel as a result of the Clinton loss.

Yesterday, Trump was given the secret final report from the intelligence community regarding the Russian attempts to influence our electoral process.  He noted that the report was given to NBC before he was briefed.  This clearly demonstrates the fault lines within the agencies that border on the political.  Trump has recognized the need to generate a plan to deal with computer vulnerability within 90 days in office.  Hopefully, this will be the end of this discussion, but Obama and the press will likely push more on this issue.

The president did not seem exercised when in 2015 the intelligence community recognized the Chinese penetration of records at the Office of Personnel Management.   Clearly, this did not upset the Obama agenda.  There was no political gain in retaliation against the Chinese, but for the narcissist-in-chief, the Russians offer a rationale for the Clinton loss aside from Obama failed policies.

The White House has effected several new executive orders and regulations in the environmental field to delay any changes Trump might contemplate.  These include oil fields in Alaska.  This also hurts the economy, another Obama policy of slow economic growth; thus, Obama leaves another roadblock for Trump.

The American abstention at the U.N. was aimed not at Benjamin Netanyahu (though he is disliked by Obama), but at Israel directly and Jews indirectly.  This international law would prevent Jewish homesteading in the Old City of Jerusalem (East).  The result is to prevent prayer at the Western Wall for Jews, an anti-Semitic action.  Obama, finally unleashed (or unchained, per V.P. Joe Biden), could punish Israel and let Secretary of State John Kerry rail against the longtime ally in favor of the PLO and Hamas.  

These actions make sense in context of the philosophical orientation of a Marxist construct.  The Israelis have a stronger military than the hundreds of millions Muslim neighbors.  They have a growing economy constituting less than 2% of the territory of the Middle East, while the bulk of the population is mired in poverty.  Israel is the most democratic country in the region, providing the most equal protections for women and minorities in the area.  But it represents Western values anathema to Marxists.

The left opposes the capitalists of Wall Street and Main Street.  Bill O'Reilly recently allowed Cornel West and Carl Dix to describe their fears of Trump.  The litany of characters they support remind one of the Obama administration's preferences in national conflicts. 

Finally, Valerie Jarrett provided CNN clear evidence of this orientation by lying about the Obama ethical lapses.

It is a brave new world.  Fortunately, Trump will begin the reversal process.