Obama's legacy: Lies, with a side of weakening our national security

In 2008, Obama promised to fundamentally transform our country.  He has accomplished much of his promise.  He has abandoned and betrayed our most reliable ally, Israel, the only democratic country in the Middle East.  According to Bibi Netanyahu, Obama orchestrated the U.N. vote to condemn Israel on its settlement policy. He empowered and rewarded our principal enemy, Iran, the principal supporter of Islamist terrorism since 1979, by allowing Iran to continue its nuclear development program, and he gave Iran 150 billion dollars plus another billion in ransom money.  Iran is using and will use this money to fund and support terrorism.  To reward Iran, Obama bypassed the constitutional provision requiring a two-thirds vote to approve a treaty, by terming it an "agreement" with Iran.  Congress abdicated its role by voting 98-1 to allow it to be called an agreement.  He lied about the cause of Benghazi to blame the attack on a video...(Read Full Post)