Obama defends the borders – against Cubans

Who would have believed this?  Suddenly, President Obama wants to protect borders and enforce immigration laws.   

What happened?  Did #44 have an end-of-presidency conversion to the rule of law?    

We are just starting to live with the change implemented by the Obama administration.  It's a whole new game for people coming from the island.  

This is from the Augusta Chronicle:

Not anymore. A refugee can make it to Miami Beach and continue to North Dakota if he likes, but he still is subject to being kicked out.

Obama said in a White House statement that Cuban migrants now will be treated “the same way we treat migrants from other countries.”

Really? Like the migrants who practically cartwheel across our porous border with Mexico every day? The difference is, Cuban refugees face certain political persecution upon their return to Cuba.

This is amazing.

Over the last few years, the Obama administration has watched thousands of people walk over the border without penalty.  We were told that it was in our humane tradition to take people looking for a new opportunity or running away from cartel violence in Central America.

I guess not sending them back to Guatemala is humane, but people from Cuba should go back.  Really, Mr. President?

My sense is that this is a cheap shot against Cuban-Americans, who put Donald Trump over the top in Florida.   

President Obama's embrace of the Castro dictatorship did not go over well, and Cuban-Americans decided to vote GOP!    

Where are the humanitarians?  Or Black Lives Matter, in light of all of these black Cubans who will be sent back to the Castro regime?  

In fact, prominent Afro-Cuban dissident Dr. Elias Biscet was recently arrested for calling for changes in the island's one-party system.  Where is civil rights icon Representative John Lewis when we need him most?  

Two years ago, we were told that a change was needed because our policy had not worked.  Since then, more and more Cubans are coming.  How is our new policy working?  It is not because we are subsidizing the Castro regime rather than standing with the Cuban people.

President Trump needs to take a hard look at this Cuba deal and demand change on the island.  We are not calling for another round of "sí se puede" speeches or "hope and change." We are talking about the kind of change that recognizes that the Castro regime is the reason these Cubans want to get out.

Cubans won't come once we give them a political and economic reason to stay on the island.    

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