Obama, building wall around home, may get Mexico to pay for it

President Obama is in the process of building a large wall around his Washington, D.C. home.  It's kind of an odd choice for a home.  From the outside, it looks dilapidated and even spooky.

You take one look at the house and you have to wonder: which room does Uncle Fester live in?  Cousin It?  Will Lurch be at the front door?  Will Bernie Sanders sleep by day in a coffin in the basement?  Do you think Mrs. Obama wanted an old house possibly built by slaves so she could experience the rush of virtue orgasms?

But not only is Obama building a wall around his home, something he refused to do at our nation's borders, but he may well get Mexico to pay for it.  Undoubtedly after he leaves office, he will cash in, giving short speeches for six- or seven-figure payouts.  And he's not going to be speaking before the Heritage Foundation or free-market groups.  He almost certainly will be speaking before big corporate America and identity, race, and abortion groups like CAIR, La Raza, and Planned Parenthood.  I also think it very likely that he will be paid to speak before business or even government groups funded by the Mexican government, as a thank-you for his lax border controls and mass granting of illegal amnesty.  If that happens, Obama could be said to be using Mexican money to pay for his border wall.

If Democrats responded to Obama's border wall the same way they responded to the idea of a wall at our southern border, what would they say?

1) "It's too expensive...it can never be done!"

2) "You don't need a physical wall, President Obama; just have a 'virtual fence.'"

3) "If you find someone on your property, you have to allow his family in as well, because separating families is cruel."

4) "You live on a 'sanctuary block,' and the local police will not respond to reports of incursions."

5) "The church next door should serve as a staging area for trespassers, giving them food, drink, shelter, and a map of your home's defenses to give them the best possible chance of breaking in."

Questions for discussion:

1) Would you be brave enough to walk by that house on a dark, moonless evening, when you hear high-pitched, shrill cries of racism in the night?

2) From the dilapidated look of the home, do you think the Obamas have a den or a crack den?

3) On Halloween, do you think this neighborhood will experience a net loss of trick-or-treaters?

4) On Halloween, do you think Mrs. Obama will bother to wear a costume?

5) On Halloween, do you think the Obamas will take candy from the bags of white children and give it to the others?

Ed Straker is the senior writer at NewsMachete.com.

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