Nationwide shortage of pink yarn handicaps Women’s March

The Women's march on Washington took place on January 21, the day after Donald Trump's inauguration.  A group of women invented the Pussy Hat, knitted from pink yarn.  They have ears like a cat but symbolize the more salacious meaning of the word.  They are intended to draw attention to President Trump's secretly recorded conversation about grabbing that part of the female anatomy.  According to one march participant, the yarn industry could not fill the sudden demand for pink yarn.  So only a fraction of the marchers had hats.

All the "pussy" talk seemed to unleash a not very ladylike impulse among the women toward bad language and crude symbolism.

The crowd was surprisingly large.  My careful crowd estimate was between 60,000 and 100,000.  The organizers claimed 500,000.  This is common behavior for demonstrations in Washington – multiply the crowd size by a factor of five or ten.

Left-wing celebrities spoke to the crowd – for example, Gloria Steinem and Michael Moore.  Some speakers described the president as being either a reincarnation of Hitler or a dangerously deluded psychiatric case.

Many marchers had signs expressing support for various left-wing sacred cows – for example; illegal immigrants, Muslims, Planned Parenthood, Black Lives Matter, state schools, and socialized medicine.  Unusual for the left, there were lots of people denouncing Russia and Vladimir Putin, obviously because Trump said something slightly positive about that country and its leader.

There was lots of skepticism concerning millionaires and billionaires – not just Trump, but also various members of his cabinet.  Of course, the same skepticism does not apply to rich people on the left like George Soros, Michael Moore, Warren Buffett, and various Hollywood stars.

Amazingly, some older women were still fighting the ERA (Equal Rights Amendment) battles of the 1970s.  Considering that Donald Trump was inaugurated the previous day, the leftist advocates were less alarming than they otherwise would be.