MSM reporter falsely claimed that Trump had MLK bust removed from Oval Office

Sure everybody makes mistakes, but making a sensational false charge against a new president at the very first opportunity he allowed reporters into his Oval Office on Day One of his presidency sure looks like one of those narrative-confirming, “too-good-to-check” stories of journalistic lore that just happens to portray Trump as a racist “white nationalist” in the eyes of progressives.  Zeke Miller of Time was allowed into the Oval Office as a pool reporter and tweeted out reports that the Churchill bust was back (true) and the MLK bust was gone (false). He was quickly corrected:   Thanks to White House Chief of Staff for this wonderful picture of the MLK bust in the oval — Sean Spicer (@PressSec) January 21, 2017   And apologized, explaining that it was obscured from his view.   Correction: The MLK bust is still in the Oval Office. It was obscured by an agent and door. —...(Read Full Post)