Mexico deports a lot more than you may think

During my time in Mexico, I learned a couple of things about Mexico's immigration laws.   First, Mexico is dead serious about immigrations laws.  Our company hired an immigration lawyer to process all the paperwork.  He came around once a year for us to sign our renewals, tax statements, and whatever else the Foreign Ministry required of us working and living there.  One time I said, laughing: "Why are you guys so picky with us?  All we do is pay taxes and spend our dollars."    My Mexican attorney friend broke out laughing and said, "Mensaje amigo, mensaje."  In other words, "message," or that we don't want the word to get out that this is an easy country for people to come into.  He was of course referring to people who may use Mexico to go to the U.S. Second, Mexico deports a lot.  In fact, it's something that most in the political class admit up front to remind the voters...(Read Full Post)