Martin Luther King Day and Obama’s legacy

Today is Martin Luther King Day.  Some Americans still resent the fact that he received a holiday named in his honor.  These people used to be called racist, and likely they still exist.  However, there is another group of people who resent Dr. King, and they are accorded immunity from charges of racism according to contemporary bien pensants.  To understand why, listen to this podcast about King and his most famous speech, provided by Patrick McLean. 

Mr. McLean's interpretation of this great speech truly magnifies Reverend King and puts the midget vertically challenged race hustlers like Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson and their ilk into proper perspective.  More importantly, Black Lives Matter adherents are little more than street thugs, bullies, and common criminals in comparison.

I suppose that is what one gets when the country has been led for the last eight years by someone whose previous experience was that of community organizer and political hustler.  Rabble-rousing and strong-arm tactics are not qualifications for the office of president.  The current state of our country clearly shows that.

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