Leftist/queer/Latino activist in custody in Berkeley murder case

Watch as our mainstream media struggle to ignore an unusual murder case unfolding in Berkeley, California, with all the elements needed for sensationalistic national media obsession.  But because the alleged perp is a lefty, Latino, queer, and transgender activist who uses the personal pronoun “they,” I expect the bigfeet of the American media to leave the story to Fox News, the blogosphere, and the overseas press (by which I mean the U.K. Daily Mail in particular).

Chuck Ross of the Daily Caller was the first national journalist to spot the story.  The best I can tell from a Google search, he even scooped the San Francisco Chronicle, though plenty of lesser websites, in particular Berkeleyside, informed the public as the case evolved.

Ross pulls together a lot of information on the suspect, who was apprehended in Burbank, near his home in North Hollywood.

Gomez, who lists his major on Facebook as Chicanx/Latinx Studies [sic], is active in numerous progressive and leftist causes at Berkeley.

He recently served as a senior fellow at the Alliance for Climate Education, a climate change activist group. In 2014, he shared a stage at a climate event with Gov. Jerry Brown, billionaire climate change activist Tom Steyer and University of California system president Janet Napolitano.

As part of Alliance for Climate Education, Gomez interviewed Phillip Agnew, the founder of the anti-racism group Dream Defenders.

Gomez, who was born in the U.S., is also listed as the primary point of contact for the Queer Alliance & Resource Center, an activist group that helps UC-Berkely’s queer community.

He was also involved in a scuffle on campus during a political protest last year with Berkeley’s College Republicans. The College Fix posted video showing Gomez grabbing a Donald Trump cardboard cutout from a member of the College Republicans.

Gomez appears to harbor strong anti-white feelings. His Twitter feed is chock full of comments denigrating white people. And in one recent post, he wrote that whites will soon face “annihilation.”

Gomez, who uses the personal pronoun “they” (is this a cry for help from a multiple personality syndrome sufferer?), is a very inconvenient defendant for the lunatic left, because he is full of politically motivated hatred.