If Russia ‘hacked the election,’ so did the leaker of the NBC Billy Bush tape with Trump

The uniparty political establishment is pushing a demonstrably false narrative that Russia somehow “hacked” the election.  Hacking has a specific meaning: entering a computer via the internet and changing things. Yesterday, DNI James Clapper testified under oath (where he sometimes tells the truth), “They did not change any vote tallies or anything of that sort.” But thanks to blanket media coverage using the terms together “Russia” + “election” + “hacked,” half of uncritical consumers of media narratives (aka Democrats) believe that Russia did indeed change vote totals and install Trump. They are, in a word, deniers, the left’s favorite term for people who disagree with its fraudulent claims.  Except that Hillary’s supporters are actually believing a fantasy. In fact, if Russia was the party that sent a phishing email to John Podesta and revealed the actual thoughts and intentions and...(Read Full Post)