Horror and criminalized thought

Like millions, I looked on with horror at the sight of four young black people in Chicago terrorizing and assaulting a mentally disabled eighteen-year-old man.  I don’t know what disgusted me more, the fact it was happening or the fact these thugs thought they should broadcast their inhumanity on the internet.  They might have “thought” they would become the latest internet sensation, but at least they provided the evidence to convict themselves to the entire world. But other statements in the immediate hours after this video were more repulsive – the statements from the usual subjects in the media.  In the immediate aftermath of the incident, Chicago Police superintendent Eddie Johnson refused to say this assault was motived by politics or race.  Hey, Chief, did you hear what the four outstanding citizens of your city said as they were punching, cursing, and terrorizing this helpless young man? F--- white people!  F---...(Read Full Post)