General Petraeus’s mistress has a new gig

She’s baaack!  I about choked when I saw none other than Paula Broadwell on Fox News’s Sunday Futures show with Maria Bartiromo.  The recipient of unauthorized classified information from Gen. Petraeus and the target of an email campaign by CENTCOM socialite Jill Kelley was lecturing us on cyber-security.

Leaving aside her grasp of the obvious need for a robust cyber-defense for a minute, the irony is rich with this interview.  And I have to admire Maria for not cracking up when she mentioned the title of Broadwell’s book, All In.  It certainly gave us a new meaning once her affair with Petraeus was exposed.  I also have to wonder if the 20- or 30-something producers ever can see the world beyond the studio or if they are down for the leftist cause, or both.

As mentioned in the interview, Broadwell is the director of the Think Broader Foundation, whose mission is:

To use the media as a tool to promote authentic and empowered lives free from social stigmas brought about by both conscious and unconscious bias.

Whatever that means.

Broadwell also participated in the women’s march on Inauguration Day.  And if that isn’t an indicator, and a brief review of the foundation’s ambassadors reveals that it is staffed by the usual suspects, including a male former Army captain who married another man, an experienced '60s college sit-in type, and other assorted feminists and outreach gurus.

I have to hand it to Paula: she sure has a lot of gumption to jump on the anti-bias and gender equality bandwagon after using her feminine wiles to write a biography of her lover.  Maybe she doesn’t realize that gender politics is fast becoming irrelevant.  Equally puzzling is that Fox News and the normally excellent Bartiromo would even give her a public forum for this.  My advice to Broadwell would be to go to CNN and talk to former Fox News host Megyn Kelley.  They would be a great match.

John Smith is the pen name of a former U.S. intelligence officer.