FBI stats show all violent crime rose in Chicago last year

Bloody Chicago is a national shame, known around the world for the violence that rules its streets.  And it should be renowned as a symbol of the failure of the policies of the Democratic Party, as it would be if the media were not principally propaganda organs for the Democratic Party – “Democrat operatives with bylines,” in the immortal words of Glenn Reynolds of Instapundit. The depth and breadth of the failure of Democrat policies to protect the very people the party claims to champion are revealed in the latest FBI crime statistics, as researched by ABC 7, WLS TV in Chicago: There are stunning new crime numbers from the FBI: in Chicago, it isn't just murders and shootings that are up - it is all violent crime. Newly-obtained FBI data show that the crime surge in Chicago goes beyond the end of a gun. Overall violent crime - an umbrella figure that includes murder, rape, robbery and assault - jumped significantly here the first half of...(Read Full Post)