European nations secretly seek help from Australia on stopping refugee boats

Australia has been widely condemned in Europe, by some legal scholars, and by the UN High Commissioner for Refugees for intercepting and repatriating refugees from Sri Lanka arriving by boat.  Yet in secret, at least 6 European nations have turned to Australia for advice and help on dealing with their own invasion of boat people.  Ellen Whinnett of the Australia Telegraph reports:

AT least six European countries and the European Union have secretly asked Australia for advice on how to stop the flood of asylum-seekers crossing into Europe by boat.

The private talks have been held despite the European Union publicly rejecting Australia’s tough refugee policies, which include boat turn-backs and offshore processing.

News Corp can reveal that while the EU publicly criticised calls by former prime minister Tony Abbott for Europe to adopt Australian policies, they discreetly asked Australian officials for advice on how to stop the boats.

As recently as November, Australia sent senior Border Force officials to Warsaw in Poland to address border protection agencies who are trying to stem the flow of boats across the Mediterranean, mainly from Libya to Greece and Italy. (snip)

It is understood Australia briefed the United Kingdom on its strategy, before former UK prime minister David Cameron urged EU leaders in March to follow the Australian example and turn back boats which were departing from Libya in northern Africa.

Austria is also understood to have sought advice from Australia.

“A number of European nations and the European Union have sought advice from the Australian Government on Operation Sovereign Borders,’’ Mr Dutton’s spokesman told News Corp.

Australia, a wealthy, continent-sized nation with billions of much poorer Asian neighbors to the north, is a bit more honest about the threat it faces by mass invasion by poor people under the banner of refugee status. Europe went with the failed Merkel Strategy of pretending that everyone crossing the border is worth hosting, no matter how alien or even hostile the culture being brought in.

Now, they are not honest enough to admit failure and withdraw their condemnation of Australia.  Hypocritical realist is slightly better than reckless idealist, but still does not qualify as worthy of governmental power.

President Obama made a secret deal with Australia to accept up to 2,400 refugees rejected by Australia, something his successor should cancel and publicize to the American people.

Hat tip: John McMahon