Dems may regret leak of top-secret report on Russia to NBC

The Democrat-Media Complex has gone all in on the propaganda campaign to convince Americans that Donald Trump’s election is illegitimate because “Russia hacked the election.”  Even if a majority of voters reject the unconvincing case being made, Team Hillary and Team Obama both know that they must keep their own supporters engaged in outrage against the victorious party.  Because they believe they are the only legitimate custodians of power in America, any Republican who wins must have gained victory through illegitimate means.

But they may have made a fatal overstep with the release of the top-secret report on Russian influence to NBC News.

It is a crime to share top-secret information with people who do not have the requisite security clearance.  So, as a first step, Donald Trump has tweeted:

In light of this, Josh Earnest’s evasive response yesterday to a question on the release refusing to deny that the White House may have been the source is enlightening:

REPORTER: “Just to button that up, you’re ruling out that the White House leaked that information to NBC, but you’re not ruling out that another — that an agency that’s part of the intelligence community or another federal agency might have done so?” 

EARNEST: “I can’t speak to the inner workings of the intelligence community, particularly as it relates to the compiling of the specific report. The intelligence community was charged by the President of the United States with compiling a report. And as we’ve discussed at some length over the last couple of months here, the men and women of the United States intelligence community are patriots. And these are people who serve their country. They set aside their own personal political views to do the right thing for the country. So the President has got enormous confidence in them, believes that he’s been extraordinarily well served by them over the last eight years in providing to him timely, accurate, specific information that was not shaded to advance a political or ideological agenda, but rather was oriented toward providing him the best possible information so he could make the best possible national security decisions. But for questions about how the intelligence community has handled specific pieces of information, you should go talk to them about that.”

I think the headline is: “Obama spokesman refuses to deny that top-secret report was leaked from White House.”

In less than two weeks, the FBI, intelligence agencies, and Congress will all be tasked with determining who deserves to go to prison for this leak.

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