Dems caught in the act of 'just being themselves'

On Sean Hannity’s show recently, guest Larry Elder recalled an iconic American entertainer, Alan Funt, creator of the long-running hit television show Candid Camera.  Funt’s genius was in setting up situations in which unsuspecting ordinary humans were captured on camera just being themselves when an unexpected intrusion resulted in embarrassingly hilarious results.  As Elder noted, that is precisely what this whole brouhaha about Russian interference in our recent election is all about; just like Funt’s unwary subjects, in 2016, Democrats were caught “just being themselves” by an unexpected intrusion.

Consider for a moment that the likely largest repository of recorded scandalous behavior by American politicians is in a cavernous edifice somewhere in the Moscow environs, with a close second site being Beijing, although it’s not irrational to think it could be Tel Aviv.  Our NSA is far from being the only agency in the world with the capability of monitoring the daily activities of targeted individuals around the world, and you can bet the farm that Russian, Chinese, Israeli, and many other agencies with missions similar to the NSA’s are fully engaged in the process.  If you think America is not the primary target of such intelligence-gathering by all of these programs, then you apparently have little clue as to the realities of this world.  Or you could be a Democrat.

It is a given that this process must necessarily be focused on the individuals and organizations who make up the political entities that control the behaviors of this nation toward the rest of the world.  That you, if you are one of those individuals and a participant in those organizations, should be aware that you are very likely to be targeted and monitored intermittently or even constantly, depending on your level of access and importance, by one or more of these intelligence-gathering programs, is also a given.  Once again, if you are blissfully unaware of such attentions, you are likely to be a liberal Democrat who has no clue as to what those designations of Confidential, Secret, Top Secret or even more arcane lettered designations on your correspondence might mean to national security.  With so little regard for such long established security protocols, who knows?  You just might be brazen enough to set up your own unsecured network server in a completely insecure and unsafe location, or perhaps choose “password” as your password even though you have most surely been repeatedly briefed by security specialists that doing so invites cyber-invasion.

That you would then apply the same lack of security concern to almost all your domestic, intra-party, intra-campaign communications is not surprising, that the stealthy cyber-vacuums of the great cyber-powers would be sucking in all the dirt you scatter about you in your devious political dealings, is no surprise, either.  And suck they did, you can be assured.  But then one of them, just like in an episode of Candid Camera, chose to dump your political garbage smack on the front lawn of the American presidential campaign where its stench of overripe corruption, rotten backroom dealings, and bloody backstabbing couldn’t be ignored by ordinary Americans.  Whether or not it changed many minds, we’ll never know, but what we do know is that Elder was right: you Democrats wailing about Russian influence in the election amount to nothing more than the simple truth that you got caught in the act of being yourselves, an embarrassing moment of truth that may have cost you an election. 

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