Democrats investigate Russian release of emails, bury voting by illegal aliens

The Democrats and their cheerleaders, the MSM, are attacking Donald Trump's proposal to investigate voter fraud, specifically voting by illegal aliens.  They contend that voting by illegal aliens is minimal, if it exists at all. The New York Times, on January 25, 2017, quoted approvingly the opinions of California's Senator Dianne Feinstein, California secretary of State Alex Padilla, and the California Voter Foundation.  California Voter Foundation: It's more important that we investigate the known instances of election fraud, rather than imagined ones. We have had an election that was compromised by foreign interests. That's the real danger that has come out of this election. Senator Feinstein: There has been a sustained effort across the country, rooted in similar conspiracies about voter fraud, to make it harder for Americans to vote.  We can't allow this attack on voting rights to continue, and it's shameful to see such...(Read Full Post)