Ben Smith and the Memory Hole

In all the commentary on Ben Smith’s role in publishing the phony “dossier” on Donald Trump, one notable fact seems to missing, seemingly consigned to the memory hole George Orwell posited as an essential characteristic of modern tyranny.  Jack Cashill does an excellent job today recalling Smith’s role in killing a story that could have harmed Barrack Obama’s 2008 candidacy, but there is one other fact that must be understood.  Smith was a member of the JournoList conspiracy.  As I wrote in 2010:

JournoList member Ben Smith of Politico continues doing the propaganda work of the group by publishing a piece picking up on an anonymous, unsubstantiated accusation published in GQ that in college GOP Senate nominee Rand Paul tied up a teammate to "force her to take bong hits."

This sounds as though Smith has a pattern of behavior.

Wikipedia, which recently consigned the political satire site The People’s Cube to the memory hole by deleting its Wikipedia page, has also omitted Smith’s membership in JournoList in its page on him.

The uncovering of the JournoList conspiracy was very damaging to the leftists who dominate the major media organs in this country, and it appears they realize this and have successfully taken memory of it out of public discourse.

Hat tip: Peter von Buol