Army to allow soldiers to wear hijab, turbans, and religious beards

Over the last eight years, in addition to fighting Obama's numerous wars, the U.S. Army has served as a gigantic social sciences lab under this president. Gays can serve openly, as can transgender people.  The government will even pay for some gender reassignment surgeries for trans soldiers.  Women are now eligible for some combat roles, including special forces. It seems that President Obama has cared more about imposing his cultural agenda on the military rather than winning wars.  Now, in the waning days of the administration, the army has decided to take the idea of a “uniform” and turn it on its head.  If approved at the brigade level, Muslim and Sikh soldiers can now wear the hijab, as well as grow beards for religious reasons. Army Times: Since 2009, religious accommodation requests received by the Army have largely been from soldiers wanting to wear a hijab or a Sikh turban or patka with uncut beard and hair,...(Read Full Post)