Activist for illegal aliens deported for drunk driving

Wendy Uruchi Contreras was a passionate advocate for illegal aliens.  At least, she was passionate until she was deported.  You see, Wendy herself was an illegal alien, and she was deported for drunk driving.  Her family thinks this is very unfair.

"We are devastated," said her husband, Giovani Jimenez, who lives in Fredericksburg, Va., with their American-born children, Alex, 13, and Lucia, 7. "My children are crying, but we know there's nothing more we can do."

In her appeal, Uruchi asked prosecutors to show discretion in her case, essentially weighing her community activism and otherwise clean record against the danger of her committing another offense.

Should illegal aliens who advocate for other lawbreaking illegal aliens be excused from further lawbreaking because of their work advocating the illegal behavior of others?

"They focused on one thing, that she got that DUI, and it was like they forgot about everything on the other side of the scale," said Enid Gonzalez, Uruchi's immigration attorney.

Uruchi came to the United States from Spain in 2002 under the United States' visa waiver program[.] ... At the end of her three months, Uruchi decided to stay illegally in America with Jimenez rather than return to Madrid, where she feared an abusive stepfather.

There's always a reason!  Perhaps, on her application to visit America, she should have said, "I promise to return at the end of my legal stay, unless I fear my abusive stepfather."

Jimenez [who is also an illegal alien] said he and the kids would stay in the United States until at least the end of the school year. He held out hope that his wife somehow would be allowed to return quickly. If not, he said, then he, Alex and Lucia would move to Madrid this summer.

So the story has a happy ending after all!  We wish Wendy and Giovanni well, and would like to give a shout to all people driving in the area of Madrid to be on the lookout for Wendy, especially during happy hour.

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