Why on earth does Trump want Rex Tillerson at the State Department?

The president-elect who loves surprising the media may have a really big project in mind.  Bigger, even, than huge. Many media sources are reporting that Rex Tillerson, CEO of Exxon-Mobil, is to be designated secretary of state, following a long process that included the courting of Mitt Romney for the job.  There is a large camp of Trump haters who will leap to conclusions as to why this is a malign choice.  For some people, oil = bad, and ExxonMobil = Rockefeller, so we automatically have a nefarious conspiracy planned.  Others will stop mumbling about generals and start mumbling about “lack of government experience” as if it is a bad thing to bring a fresh set of ideas to an institution renowned for its glacial pace and inward focus. For the moment, I want to assume for the sake of analysis that President-Elect Trump has a plan and that he is as intelligent and even visionary as his track record of success indicates.  I want to draw some...(Read Full Post)