Unions and their Democratic allies losing ‘bigly’ in the wake of Trump-led GOP sweep

The large-scale money-laundering operation operated by the Democratic Party and its union boss allies will dwindle even farther in the next four years.  The practice of forcing workers to join a union and give up a portion of their wages, which is then recycled into Democratic Party “donations,” is likely to become illegal in a number of states.  Reid Wilson writes about this forthcoming change in The Hill, using prejudicial language common in the media when discussing unions. Labor unions have been on the defense in states like Wisconsin, Ohio and North Carolina in recent years, after Republicans swept to power in the 2010 midterm elections. Republicans in those states have advanced measures limiting public employee unions’ collective bargaining rights and unions’ power to compel workers to contribute dues. Can we please stop pretending that collective bargaining is a “right”?  It is privilege, a legally sanctioned form of...(Read Full Post)