Trump wants to legalize 'Dreamers,' admit huge number of new immigrants

Donald Trump says he wants more legal immigration – a lot of it. President-elect Donald Trump veered off his anti-immigration message Tuesday night and told a crowd in North Carolina that hundreds of thousands of immigrants will come in during his administration. "We are going to stop people coming into this country illegally but we are going to be having people come into our country – and they are going to come in by the thousands and the hundreds of thousands – but they are going to come in, they are going to come in, legally," Trump said. "But by the hundreds of thousands. We want people to come in but they have to come in legally." Why?  We have enormous unassimilated pockets of America where nary a word of English is heard.  Shouldn't our first priority be to assimilate the immigrants we have before we admit even more?  Trump's comments are disappointing. Trump also said children of illegal aliens,...(Read Full Post)