Tourist detained in Kazakhstan because immigration officials refuse to believe New Zealand is a country

In a scene that could have come from the Sacha Baron Cohen movie Borat, a beautiful young woman from New Zealand – an adventuress seeking to explore the  natural wonders of the country – was detained for almost two days upon arrival at Almaty Airport outside the capital city.  Her offense: attempting to enter the country using a fake passport from a fake country, for the immigration officials were dead certain that New Zealand is a state of Australia. Lauren McMah of reports: Chloe Phillips-Harris, 28, arrived at Kazakhstan’s Almaty Airport in May after being assured by the New Zealand embassy she would be able to enter the Central Asian country on her Kiwi passport. But officials at the airport told her she wouldn’t be able to enter the country without an Australian passport, the New Zealand Herald reported. “I landed in Kazakhstan on the last flight of the night, and I got to an immigration booth and...(Read Full Post)