They're not singing 'Feliz Anything' in Venezuela this Christmas

Let me wish you all a very merry Christmas.   

Please take a moment and think about Venezuela, where "Feliz Navidad" is not what they are singing.   

The latest nonsense from the Maduro government is sick, and that's saying a lot about a pretty sick regime.  This is a summary:

You better watch out, you better not cry, better not pout, let us tell you why: Santa Claus is coming to Caracas, and this year he’ll be bringing toys to all the pro-regime boys and girls -- and jailing those who get in his way.

Striking an almost comically Orwellian posture of Saint Nick meets Robin Hood, last week Venezuela’s consumer “protection” agency seized several million toys that will, ostensibly, be redistributed to the poor. 

The trinkets were confiscated from a toy distributor that had purportedly “committed fraud” against the country by selling the goods at unlawfully high mark-ups. Two of the company’s executives were arrested in the toy-taking. Agency officials say the toys will be sold at below-market prices. 

They haven’t said who will get to purchase the discounted dolls, but presumably being a supporter of President Maduro’s United Socialist Party won’t hurt one’s chances.

Yes, Santa is now a tool of the state, and December 25 is another day to reward those who support the regime.  I wonder what they are thinking about all of this at the North Pole.  Who knew that Santa's red outfit was a statement of his socialist beliefs?

What about the other children?  Well, they won't get any gifts, unless their parents can go to the black market or cross the Colombia border and buy something.

This is what Chávez's revolution has brought to a beautiful country.

It reminds me of how the communists in Cuba played dirty tricks with children.  The teacher would tell a young student to ask for candy.  Ask the revolution, and the teacher would hand the young person a candy bar.  Ask God, and nothing would come down from heaven.

Yes, that's what communists do.  I wonder if anyone told Bernie Sanders that true story!

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