The ultimate symbol of Trump Derangement Syndrome?

We may have found the perfect example of the madness gripping progressives and even some conservatives in the wake of Donald Trump’s election as president.  If I were a screenwriter, I could not come up with a more emblematic scene than a blue blazer-clad man identified as a city attorney, clutching a glass of wine (Chardonnay, I hope), participating in vandalizing of an upscale grocery store, spray painting “F--- Trump” on a wall.  Julia Terruso of reports:

It looks like the end to a night out in an upscale part of the city, until the second man is seen spray-painting a wall of a newly constructed grocery store. His message: "F- Trump."

The wine drinker captures the act on his cellphone.

While the tagger remains unidentified, the man in the blazer turned out to be Assistant City Solicitor Duncan Lloyd. No charges have been filed, and as of Wednesday evening, the city was awaiting more information before taking any administrative action.

Lloyd did not return calls for comment.

First Deputy City Solicitor Craig Straw confirmed that Lloyd, who has worked for the Law Department since 2011, is one of two men in the video.

Of course there are brass buttons on the blue blazer!  And the right hand in the pocket is the perfect touch of WASPy class-signaling.  If you wanted an image to convey the message "I'm waaay smarter and classier than Trump voters," you could not come up with a better visual.

Here is surveillance video.

We must allow for the possibility that the man in the video is not Duncan Lloyd, but if he is (as a colleague of his maintains), his career as a government lawyer should be over.  Someone who commits an act such as this cannot be entrusted with the public’s business, for he holds himself above the law.  He is also probably too stupid to function if he doesn’t realize that surveillance cameras are widely deployed in upscale areas like Chestnut Hill.  Recording the criminal act on his cell phone closes the case.

I am not an attorney, but it strikes me that disbarment might be indicated, as this act by a person responsible for enforcing the laws demonstrates actual contempt.

If the Democrat-dominated city government of Philadelphia lets this behavior slide, it will be an outrage.  It is important that the national spotlight focus on the incident.  Don’t count on the mainstream media to focus on this.  So pass around this story with the video.

Evidently the United States is in the midst of an epidemic of mass psychosis.  Normally sane people, some of them quite intelligent, are performing self-destructive acts, apparently no longer in possession of the mental and emotional equilibrium necessary to function in society.

Perhaps the only way for the man implicated to save himself would be to claim a mental breakdown.  In that case, it makes sense for Trump Derangemnet Syndrome to be recognized as a common mental illness, indicating that treatment is necessary.

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