The KKK is just too small

Crisis alert!  The KKK is believed to have only 5,000 members.  This is just too small to be a credible threat.  With only 5,000 members spread out, they are going to have trouble staging a decent march or demonstration. 

The Democrats really need these guys.  Somehow they've got to get these numbers up.  

As a threat to civil rights, the KKK is simply irreplaceable.  Without their presence, fundraising and general organizing efforts will be seriously jeopardized.  The KKK is central to their efforts to convince donors and supporters that racism is rampant in America.  

Who could replace them?  The Nazi Party?  The alt right?  It's already peaked in terms of scarepower.  And its numbers are even smaller than the KKK.

When the KKK holds a rally or a march and only 50 guys show up, it's really difficult for friends in the media to make it look like anything significant.  The photographers have to take close in shots of a few people waving Confederate flags, implying that there are thousands more around them.  They are doing their best with what they have, but they've got to get a little more to work with.

Groups like the KKK are always short of funds for recruiting, so this is where leverage would be available.  Obviously, no identifiable allies could donate directly – too risky, word would leak out.  If WikiLeaks got hold of it, it would be worse than the Podesta emails.

But with billionaires backing them and legacy media that will do their bidding, surely the Democrats will find their way out of this crisis.