The cowardice of Tony the Tiger

Stop that spoon filled with Corn Flakes right there!  If you are a conservative, the Kellogg corporate hotshots in Battle Creek, Michigan have a thing or two to say before you chow down on your morning bowl of cereal.  According to Breitbart:

Kellogg Co. announced on Tuesday its decision to pull ads from conservative media giant because its 45,000,000 monthly conservative readers are not “aligned with our values as a company.”

But if Tony the Tiger has lost his roar, the folks at Breitbart certainly have not.  In response to the Kellogg edict, the powers that be at the beleaguered website have issued a call “to ban bigotry from the breakfast table by boycotting Kellogg’s products.”  News editor-in-chief Alexander Marlow fought back with the following:

We are fearless advocates for traditional American values, perhaps most important among them is freedom of speech, or our motto ‘more voices, not less.’

Like it or not, Breitbart is hardly a bastion of anti-Americanism – unless, of course, you have a different point of view.  If you buy into the name-calling, race-baiting taunts of the left, then you might be frightened off the site.  Guess this tells us where the folks at Kellogg's stand.

And the issue is this: Why does everything in America have to be politicized?  Why aren’t conservatives welcome to a bowl of Frosted Mini Wheats, or Eggo Waffles, or Pringles?  Are we to conclude that only the left is welcome to cereal or a fake potato chip?

Let’s take the logic of Kellogg’s down the road a step or two.  If they are concerned about their values as a company, should they cease selling their products to anyone who has a traditional worldview or might read Breitbart?  Walmart, for instance, is widely considered to be a fairly conservative business.  Should Kellogg’s stop stocking the shelves at Walmart?  Gee, I haven’t noticed employees at Walmart conducting a stop and frisk for political leanings before you get to their checkout counter.

Somehow this is beginning to feel like the ghettoization of America run amok.  People on the left, you get Pop Tarts the rest of you, porridge.  And you had better sit down, shut up, and clean your plate.

Of course, Kellogg’s is perfectly within its rights to advertise with whomever it so desires.  Likewise, the consumer has freedom, too.  That means you can throw that box of Frosted Flakes in the garbage and buy Honey Bunches of Oats, or a host of others from companies like Post Cereal.  My guess is the marketing minds at Post HQ in St. Louis, Missouri are working overtime, licking their chops at the rank hypocrisy and business lunacy of Kellogg’s. 

But if you are bound and determined to have Tony the Tiger at your breakfast table, you had better hope that those advertising geniuses at Kellogg’s pull their heads out of their...bowl of cereal.