Thank you, Dr. Jill Stein

A few weeks ago, Trump supporters were angered by Jill Stein’s decision to ask for a recount in several close Rust Belt states.  This appeared to be a waste of taxpayers’ money and an effort to undermine the Electoral College victory gained by Donald Trump.  She claimed that this effort was undertaken to ensure the integrity of our election process.  Well, she may prove to be right.

It was reported that the State of Wisconsin actually garnered 131 more votes for Donald Trump.  This demonstrates that the voting machines are fairly accurate and that the hand count requested by Stein shows that any errors are minor.  Maybe she hoped to delay the result to prevent the electors from casting official votes on Dec. 19, 2016.  Sadly, for her and Hillary, she failed in this effort. 

Further, the recount in Michigan has shown that there was fraud in some precincts.  In Detroit, it was noted that more than one third of the districts had more votes than the number of persons who actually voted.  Interestingly, under the law in districts that are so out of balance, a recount does not occur.  Curious that in the overwhelmingly Democrat districts, no one wants to carefully check the numbers.  After this result, I suspect that the Clinton crowd will end the recounting effort.

In Pennsylvania, the courts said enough already to Stein and prevented the recount, as she had no standing, having no chance to win the election.  Thanks to Jill Stein, we have uncovered that any fraud was against the legitimate victor.  Now the Clintonistas can focus their efforts to delegitimatize Trump’s victory via their new claim that evidence demonstrates that Putin installed Trump in the presidency.