Texas Muslim pleads guilty to setting Christmas Day fire at own mosque last year

Just under a year ago, the cries of “Hate crime!” and insinuations of a “climate of hate” because of Donald Trump’s candidacy were fast and furious.  NBC News, ABC News, and the Washington Post were among the major MSM outlets anxious to publicize a Muslims-as-victims storyline.  But now we know that it is fake, fake, fake, and outside local media and the AP, crickets are the loudest sound we can hear.

The AP writes:

A man has been sentenced to four years in prison for setting fire to the mosque in Texas where he worshipped.

Gary Nathaniel Moore was sentenced Friday in Houston after pleading guilty to arson and using a fire as a deadly weapon. Officials say surveillance video led investigators to the 38-year-old Moore. He was arrested several days after the Christmas Day 2015, fire that caused significant damage.

Investigators have said there was no evidence of the fire being a hate crime against the Islamic Society of Greater Houston mosque. Officials say Moore had worshipped at the mosque daily for several years.

Moore must serve at least half of the four-year term before being eligible for parole.

Photo: Houston Police

The Houston Chronicle, the newspaper of record in the city, where the crime received extensive publicity, was barely more forthcoming.

Nobody seems to be at all interested in the motives of Moore.  I wonder why!  Was he a Trump-hater trying to cast blame?