‘Students of color’ conference at University of California reportedly dissolves into a fight over who is most oppressed

Nobody saw this coming, apparently, because no conservatives were consulted.  Kate Hardiman reports on The College Fix: This year’s University of California Students of Color Conference  unproductively devolved into something of an “oppression Olympics” between different minority groups, prompting arguments between participants and ultimately leading to some canceled sessions at the annual event. First question: Are there actually students at UC who have no color at all?  Are they transparent?  This arrogation of the concept of color as being limited to designated victim groups is disturbing to me.  Nobody ever calls me a “person of color” even though my skin has a distinct pinkish cast to it.   UCLA student Jacqueline Alvarez told The College Fix as much in a recent telephone interview, standing behind an op-ed she wrote in the Daily Bruin campus newspaper detailing the...(Read Full Post)