Stein drops request for statewide recount in Pennsylvania

Jill Stein announced Saturday night, December 3, 2016 that she would drop her Court petition requesting a state recount in Pennsylvania, stating she could not afford the million-dollar bond she had to file by Monday, the date of the Court hearing on its Petition.  The Pennsylvania secretary of state, Pedro Cortes, a Democrat, said there was no evidence of voter fraud.

Stein's petition did not allege any evidence of fraud.  It relied only on the possibility that the voting machines were hacked because the DNC and John Podesta emails were hacked.  It was the same petition used in Wisconsin.

Stein has the one million dollars to post bond, but she does not have any evidence that there was voter fraud.  If she went through with the court hearing, she ran the certain risk of having the petition dismissed by the court.   And with no evidence of fraud, she also ran the risk of having the court sanction her for filing a frivolous petition with no evidence, and order her to pay the counsel fees and costs of Trump, who opposed the petition.

Since there will be no statewide recount in Pennsylvania, there is no possibility to flip Pennsylvania for Hillary, which means that it does not matter even if Wisconsin and Michigan were to flip their votes to Hillary, which will not happen.  Hillary needs Wisconsin, Michigan, and Pennsylvania to win.  She should do the honorable act and tell Stein to drop the nonsense recount in Wisconsin and Michigan.  She, Hillary should withdraw from the recount. 

Stein is proceeding with recounts in various voting districts in Pennsylvania, but there will be no statewide recount.

At this point, there is absolutely no reason to proceed with the recount in Wisconsin and Michigan except to delegitimize the Trump presidency.