Soldiers vs. shysters

That high-pitched whine you hear these days is not coming from the family dog begging to come inside from the record-setting cold being recorded across the country this week.  Rather, it is the fake news-generating mainstream media sobbing about President-Elect Donald Trump’s cabinet selections as being too generous on the military.

Never mind that the Obama cabinet is top-heavy in lawyers, numbering nine out of fifteen, this Obama weakness having apparently escaped the notice of the grousing armchair scribbler class.  Never mind also that there are similar numbers of active military (1.4 million) and lawyers (1.3 million) in our economy, so logic dictates that a few soldiers might get tapped for DJT’s cabinet.  And never mind again that last week, the MSM had criticized Trump for lack of political experience, yet when he responds by devising cabinet picks that complement his strengths, they turn around and criticize him for that, too.  This spate of criticism from the MSM just seems like piling illogic on top of absurdity.

When Barack Hussein Obama was elected president in 2008, Republicans and conservatives generously congratulated him and promised a honeymoon from politics as usual.  What Donald Trump has received from Democrats and the MSM by comparison looks rather small.  Perhaps Trump should consider shuttering the White House Briefing Room permanently and conducting his conversations with the American people directly via social media, bypassing the seemingly irrational MSM middleman altogether.  Americans, I believe, can soldier through that.

Lawyers: 1.3 million

Active Military: 1.4 million

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