Senator Gillibrand, Mad Dog, and Dirty Harry

Please, Senator Gillibrand, make my day.  Go ahead and lead the opposition to the man our enemies already fear as “Mad Dog Mattis.”  Because: transgender.

Her hometown newspaper, The Albany Times-Union, reports:

U.S. Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand became the first senator to oppose granting a waiver to allow retired Gen. James Mattis to become the nation's secretary of defense.

The junior New York senator and Capital Region native, who serves on the Armed Services committee, said she wants to retain civilian leadership over the military.

Under a 1947 law, Congress must grant a waiver to allow a military leader to serve as defense secretary within less than seven years of completion of their military career. Mattis retired in 2013.

"I am very grateful for the extraordinary service General Mattis has given to this country," Gillibrand, a Democrat, said Friday after completing a brief volunteer appearance at the Regional Food Bank of Northeastern New York in Colonie. "It is the law you cannot be secretary of defense if you've been serving within seven years. I do not believe we should give up civilian control."

Has the senator been up late watching reruns of Seven Days in May?  Are we really as worried about an out-of-control military launching a coup as we were back when defense ate up a huge share of our GDP, with all the millions of members they had?

Senator Gillibrand, please attempt a filibuster and make an issue of this man who already has the armed services community rejoicing.  It is just the touch your cause, the feminization of the military, needs to take a stand on.

Morgan Chalfont of the Free Beacon chronicles Gillibrand’s war on the fighting culture, and it is a long list.  Here is a sample:

The Democrat has also been a strong supporter of the Obama administration’s social policy changes regarding the military, including the decisions to open up all combat roles to women and allow transgender troops to serve openly as well as pay for medical care related to their gender transition.

The nation desperately needs to see you challenge General Mattis on the importance of transgender personnel to our combat effectiveness.  I can hardly wait.  Please make my day, Senator.

Meanwhile, in the non-feminist-left universe, everybody loves Mad Dog, as this Free Beacon compilation shows:


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