Russian ‘hacking’ is a media disinformation campaign

The "Russian hacking" story is a perfect example of how the communication experts manipulate us.  It's an example of top notch disinformation.

The MSM is ranting and raving about how did the emails from  Podesta and the DNC got out while keeping very quiet about what was in the published documents.  Just as successful magicians they are making sure we pay attention to what they want us to see while hiding the big story.  Look here, here! Not there!

Thanks to somebody, we the American people now know what the MSM kept hidden.  We now know our elected leaders and their staffs are crooks. We now know a Secretary of State was selling her influence to anyone, including US enemies.  We now know the MSM manipulates us. We now know the  MSM no longer tells the truth to power because it is too busy kissing the butt of power. We now know that after eight years of Left in power we are looking like a banana republic.

Whoever did it deserves our thanks and MSM deserves our disrespect.