Remember when we warned Democrats about executive powers and orders?

As we get ready for a Trump presidency, Democrats are coming to terms with a couple of realities: First, those pollsters got it wrong, didn't they? Second, will President Trump act unilaterally as President Obama did? We remember many pundits saying the Democrats will someday regret that they let President Obama do so much on his own, from going around Congress on Obamacare and immigration to dropping bombs here and there.     What can I say?  "Some day" starts next January 20.  I can't wait for the Democrats to suddenly discover constitutional powers and states' rights. President Trump will inherit a presidency with expanded powers, as we see from Josh Lederman: After eight years as a wartime president, Barack Obama is handing his successor an expansive interpretation of the commander in chief's authority to wage war around the globe. And that reading has continued to grow even as Obama prepares to pass control to...(Read Full Post)