Professor tweets ‘all I want for Christmas is white genocide’

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The Caucasians among the tender young minds exposed to Professor George Ciccariello-Maher at Drexel University are on notice that their teacher wants them exterminated because of their race.  Not exactly a welcoming atmosphere. I wonder if any of them might be “triggered” by this tweet the good professor offered in the spirit of the holiday?

Update: Below are screen grabs of the now-inaccessible tweets:

Accused of being “alt-left”, Professor Ciccariello-Maher shot back an indignant denial.  He is a communist, not a mere alt-leftist.

Screen grab:

The professor describes his academic specialty as:

My research and teaching center on what could be called the “decolonial turn” in political thought, the moment of epistemic and political interrogation that emerges in response to colonialism and global social inequality. My first book, We Created Chávez, is a theoretically rich “people’s history” of contemporary Venezuela which locates the origins of current political dynamics in the long-term history of Venezuelan social movements, demonstrating that Hugo Chávez was not the cause, but rather the result, of a broader and more fundamental transformative process.

My second book project, Decolonizing Dialectics, seeks to contribute in a theoretical register to what my first book analyzes practically. In it, I plumb the history of political thought for a radicalized understanding of the relationship between conflict and group identity (in the work of Georges Sorel), further charting the decolonization of this very conception and its projection onto a global framework (in the work of Frantz Fanon and Enrique Dussel).

He is, in other words, an expert on Venezuela, one of the richest countries in the world in terms of natural resources, yet which currently is starving under the yoke of the socialism and communism the professor embraces. Perhaps he has not noticed that children are dying and that food stores are being looted? Quite the intellect there.

The top of his Twitter page is probably indicative of the good professor's mindset, and offers a glimpse into an entirely un-self-aware pedant:

The good professor sits in a cafe sipping a latte (or maybe it is a macchiato -- more macho) and enjoying a pastry warm and cozy while outside it is raining. But in a figurative thought bubble above his head, he is with the insurgentes in the jungle. And he has the best facial hair! Wow! What a tough guy.

Tuition and fees for the privilege of imbibing the professor’s race hatred and political deep thinking are over $34,000 a year at Drexel. Why any parent would send a child to a school harboring such a professor is beyond my understanding.

Hat tip: David Paulin

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