Obama's hatred of Israel will rebound

We're now in the Trump era.  Time to drop the euphemisms.  Time for consequences.  Obama is not motivated by personal "pique" at Netanyahu.  Anti-Zionism is not personal; it is ideological, and it is widely popular among the Democrat leftist base.  Whereas anti-Semitism has shrunk to 3% of the white population in America, the ADL estimates that it is 22-36% among blacks and Latinos.  It is much higher than that among leftists. Obama has chafed at the need to put on a mainstream front.  Now he is baring his leftist teeth.  The effect is more mean than frightening, and it will not have the outcome he wants.  Obama hates Israel, as he hates America.  He is the spiritual son of his Marxist father and of the openly anti-Semitic and anti-white Reverend Wright, as Obama told us from the first.  To the left, Israel and America are evil imperialists.  Obama has always wanted to cut Israel and America down to...(Read Full Post)