Obama attacks Putin to help his legacy

Obama has accused the Russians of interfering with our election.  He imposed sanctions against Russian and expelled about thirty Russians.  It is the big news on the mainstream media, talk shows, and columns and blogs on the Internet.

The supposed interference is that the Russians hacked John Podesta's and the DNC's emails and gave the emails to WikiLeaks.  The emails released by WikiLeaks show that Hillary lied and sold access to the State Department, and Obama lied when he said he did not know that Hillary had used a private email server until he saw it on the TV news.

Obama and the MSM refer to the emails  as "interference" with our election make it appear that the Russians hacked into voting machines.  This was the argument made and rejected by the Pennsylvania federal court in Jill Stein's Petition for a Recount.

The counter-argument is that the Russians, or whoever hacked the emails, did a public service to reveal the evidence that Hillary and Obama lied.  They did the job that the MSM and much of the conservative media failed to do.

So why is Obama doing this?  He cannot believe that Hillary lost to Trump because he, Michelle, and Joe Biden campaigned furiously, daily, for Hillary, and Obama told voters that his agenda was on the ballot.

Obama believes he could have won if his name had been on the ballot.  But he put his agenda on the ballot by campaigning for Hillary.  He told voters he would take it as a personal insult if the Democratic Party base did not vote for Hillary.

Trump campaigned to get rid of Obamacare, cut tax rates, build a border wall, defeat ISIS, enforce immigration laws, cancel the Iran nuclear sellout, and renegotiate trade deals.  Trump campaigned to undo the Obama agenda.  Trump won, and Obama cannot accept it.

Obama knows that his agenda was defeated and rejected, especially with his weakness on fighting Islamist terrorism.  Syria and Iraq are in shambles due to the rise of ISIS and the failure to deal with Syria.  Iran is now the dominant power in the Middle East.  Russia is on friendly terms with Iran and is expanding its influence in the Middle East.

Obama's response to clean up his legacy is to act tough with the Russians, accusing them of interfering with our election.  He pretends to care about the sanctity of the election.  This is a sham.  He did not care when the N.Y. Times illegally published Trump's private tax returns.

He opposes requiring photo identification of voters on the basis that it is a barrier to voting.

He dropped the prosecution of the New Black Panther party for a clear case of voter intimidation in Philadelphia during the 2008 election.

Moreover, Obama ridiculed Romney in 2012 when Romney said Russia was our geopolitical foe.  Obama said: "The 1980s are now calling to ask for their foreign policy back because the Cold War's been over for 20 years[.]"  But now he is using Russia for political purposes to attack the Trump win and salvage his legacy.

Obama knows he can talk tough, impose some sanctions, and expel thirty Russians because there is no risk of Russian retaliation with twenty days left in his administration.

Putin does not take Obama seriously or respect Obama because of Obama's failures in Syria, in Libya, and with ISIS, not to mention the apology tour immediately after his election.

Further, Putin and the rest of the world saw Obama betray Israel, our closest ally with Britain.  You do not establish respect even with enemies when you betray your closest ally.

In summary, Obama is desperate to salvage his legacy and reputation.  He will meet this week with Democrats in Congress to try to stop the repeal of Obamacare as part of his legacy campaign.

But Obama cannot change the facts.  Obama blaming Putting and expelling thirty Russians highlights that Obama's legacy is that he deported more Russians than Islamist terrorists and illegal aliens and was tougher on Russia than on Iran, our number-one enemy, the principal supporter of Islamist terrorism.