Obama and Kerry: Poster boys for moral relativism

So graceless and sophomoric are Obama and John Kerry, so viciously biased against Israel and Netanyahu, that they planned and plotted how to best humiliate the Jewish State in their last few weeks in office.

First they coordinated the passage of a U.N. resolution condemning "settlements" that are, in fact, towns and cities of long standing.  (The settlements are not really the issue; Israel's very existence is.)  By abstaining from voting, the U.S. allowed the resolution to pass.  East Jerusalem and Israel's Western Wall have now been deemed "occupied territory"!  The Wall is a Jewish holy site built in 19 B.C. 

This was all a pathetic exercise in ideological pique by Obama and Kerry, neither of whom will be remembered well by history.  This president's legacy, along with his two failed secretaries of state, will be one of tragedy upon catastrophe, genocide, death, and destruction.  And now, as they are walking out the door, they want to take down the one democracy in the Middle East. 

Yesterday, Kerry spoke for over an hour, drawing a moral equivalency between the Israelis and the Palestinians, as though the people who pay their home-grown terrorists a monthly salary for killing an Israeli, name streets and buildings after these "heroes" of their cause, build tunnels to enable their terrorist attacks on the Jewish State, launch rockets into Israeli schoolyards, and refuse to acknowledge Israel's right to exist are legitimate actors.  Kerry condemned Israel as though defending herself from Arab terror is a crime.

This is anti-Semitism straight up, to borrow a phrase.  Israel's existence and success enrage Obama just as they do so many Arabs in the Middle East, who have been carefully taught since birth that Israel is the epitome of evil, an interloper in the region even though the Jews have had a continuous presence on the land for thousands of years.

When James Foley was beheaded on video in 2014, Obama went golfing, just as he did last week after the terrorist attack on the Christmas market in Berlin and all the other acts of horror perpetrated by Islamic radicals in between.  He is not really bothered by those events.  He never took ISIS seriously, nor has he shown any concern for that group's Christian genocide.  Syria using chemical weapons on its own people did not anger him as much as Israel angers him.  Obama could not be moved to take action against Assad as that leader began killing hundreds of thousands of his own people.  He loved and eulogized Castro, a thug dictator, and loathes Netanyahu.

Abbas is not an honest broker, is as corrupt as Arafat, and refuses to come to the table or speak before the Knesset.  But Kerry spoke as though Abbas and Netanyahu are of equal status.  So it is reasonable to conclude that Obama is on the side of the Arab terrorists.  Like those radicalized Muslims, he cannot abide Israel's existence any more than the so-called Palestinian people can.  It would appear that Obama deeply internalized the teachings of Rev. Jeremiah Wright. 

At the end of the film Scent of a Woman, Al Pacino's character, Lieutenant Slade, erupts after the headmaster of the private school Charlie attends threatens to expel the young man for refusing to corroborate the names of the boys involved in an incident of vandalism.  Charlie, a young man of character, will not snitch on his classmates and so will be punished while another boy, George, the son of a rich man and a squishy coward, will be forgiven.  Slade rightly screams, "You're going to reward George and destroy Charlie!"  That is exactly what Obama and Kerry are trying to do.  They have rewarded the terrorist Palestinians who teach their children in nursery school to hate and kill Jews, who inculcate in them the drive to destroy Israel, a democracy with over a million Arab citizens, that has been attacked for all of its nearly seventy-years of statehood.

That Israel has prevailed and thrives is too bitter a pill for the hate-filled Arabs who surround the Jewish State.  Obama and Kerry clearly share their anger and thus have behaved not like the statesmen they are supposed to be, but like members of the same hordes that regularly demonize and attack Israel.

Kerry ridiculously intoned that "Israel can either be Jewish or democratic; it cannot be both."  This was an absurd statement.  There is something terribly wrong with this man.  Israel is Jewish and democratic and is likely to remain so, unlike the Arab nations that surround her.  Obama, Kerry, and the U.N., long an obsessive bastion of anti-Semitism, have thoroughly discredited themselves.  There is no moral equivalency between Israel and those who want to see the Jewish State extinguished.  January 20 cannot come soon enough.

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