New York Times foresees 'anti-Muslim Holocaust' under Trump

In the opinion pages of the N.Y. Times, written by N.Y. Times editors, was a piece called "Threats of an anti-Muslim Holocaust" (11/29/16).  Not sure where this title comes from – where could there be an anti-Muslim Holocaust in America?  

Real FBI statistics, not anecdotes of a few letters, show that hate crimes against Jews are two and a half times times greater than those against Muslims – but no pieces in the N.Y. Times of another Jewish Holocaust have occurred.  In the United States, there are more hate crimes committed against Jews than all other religions combined!  Jews make up only 2% of the population.

If there is a Muslim Holocaust occurring, look to the Arab-Muslim world – perpetrated by Muslims.  Four hundred thousand dead Syrians.  Many massacred throughout Iraq, Pakistan, North Africa, etc.  All tragic and sickening.

Further (I'll throw out political correctness on this one – cover your eyes, liberals), more Americans have been killed and maimed by radical Muslims (see most recently OSU) than Americans killing Muslims in hate crimes.  That's a fact!

If there is a Holocaust here, it's more the other way around – and we have to count 9/11 in that!

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