National Review compares Barron and Eric Trump to Uday and Qusay

Apparently Kevin Williamson at National Review has jumped over that deadly lemming cliff, along with millions of Trump-maddened New York liberals. Williamson writes in NRO: My own view is that Donald and Ivanka and Uday and Qusay are genuinely bad human beings and that the American public has made a grave error in entrusting its highest office to this cast of American Psycho extras. That a major political party was captured by these cretins suggests that its members are not worthy of the blessings of this republic... ​Apparently, N.R. editors didn't read this piece, or worse, they read it and approved it.  That high-pitched grinding sound you hear is William F. Buckley drilling his way out of the grave to keep his beloved National Review from being kidnapped by a hysterical mob of establishment cons.   Uday and Qusay Hussein infamously dropped screaming human beings into industrial plastic shredders to kill them.  Either Mr. Williamson...(Read Full Post)