More Smelling Salts For Liz Warren

Pity hapless Sen. Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts, anxiously awaiting the delivery of a fainting couch from Bob’s Discount Furniture.

First cheated out of a plum spot as a US Senate majority committee chair, or the chance at joining Hillary’s cabinet as Treasury Secretary.

And now she must reckon with the increasing flyweight stature of the Massachusetts’ Democrat Congressional delegation, along with her own voice buried in a global warming blizzard of electoral repudiation.

Warren’s initial swing-and-miss labeled Steve Bannon, Trump’s White House strategic advisor, a white supremacist -- offering zero evidence to justify her slur.

Bannon’s crime has been to exhort economic nationalism, while denouncing globalization that has eviscerated the working class, an aggrieved group whose presumed sympathy from Warren has been all talk and no action. In an unheralded speech delivered to a Vatican group in 2014, Bannon pre-empted Warren’s evergreen Festivus rants against the excesses of Wall Street investment banks, and crony capitalism.

How embarrassing for Warren to be co-opted by an imaginary oppressor, also unrepentant in refusing to surrender to identity politics, and the language police, the only currency circulating in Warren’s grievance state -- where her opponents are racists, sexists, and all-purpose meanies.

Warren’s second whiff arrived with her unhinged shrieking that Alabama Sen. Jeff Sessions, Trump’s nominee to be Attorney General, is a racist.  In his former life as US Attorney for Alabama, Sessions successfully prosecuted,  obtained a conviction, and sought the death penalty for a KKK leader who abducted and murdered a black teenager. Subsequently as Alabama state Attorney General, Sessions ensured that the KKK leader was executed. With later civil actions, Sessions bankrupted the remains of the KKK in Alabama.

And imagine racist Sessions offering this praise for President Obama’s pick of Eric Holder as Attorney General in 2009: "Congratulations, Mr. Holder, on the nomination. You certainly bring excellent background and experience to the job as a federal prosecutor for a number of years and as a federal judge." 

Soon thereafter, Sessions led a minority of Republicans to vote yes for Holder’s confirmation.

Meanwhile Sen. Warren has endorsed Minnesota congressman Keith Ellison to be the next chair of the Democratic National Committee. Ellison, first elected to Congress in 2006, and a long time pal of Louis Farrakhan, has a sordid history with the black nationalist Nation of Islam, roundly condemned for its virulent anti-Semitism by even the reliably hate-conservatives-first Southern Poverty Law Center.

And under the alias “Keith Hakim” Ellison advocated a separate nation-state carve-out for black Americans, reprising the American Colonization Society founded in 1816 that led to the establishment of Liberia. How enlightening, and such a noble gesture to promote racial, and cultural healing….

 Sen. Warren should join Amazon Prime.  From ammonia smelling salt ampoules to menthol camphor vapor rubs, with one click she can endure an interminable consignment into the cranberry bogs, sand dunes, and salt marshes of a Commonwealth once the Hub of Universe, now a political backwater of her own making.

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