Michelle Obama not proud of America again

Michelle Obama once told us that she had never been proud of her country until her husband was nominated  for the presidency.  She just told Oprah Winfrey we Americans are entering a time of hopelessness – "we are feeling what not having hope feels like."  The end of hope is a severe condemnation.  No pride is to be bestowed on people without hope.

But it is what Mrs. Obama believes.  She was not proud of America until she was 44 years old, when she said of her husband's 2008 Democrat presidential nomination, "For the first time in my adult life, I am really proud of my country, because it feels like hope is finally making a comeback."  Today, she apparently feels that 62 million Americans who voted for Trump have disgraced themselves again through voting for the end of hope.

What makes Mrs. Obama's declaration so odd is that whether or not Donald Trump can deliver on his wildly ambitious aims, more than anything, his message to a discouraged nation is one of hope.  To the 90 million able-bodied Americans who have given up looking for living wage jobs due to Obama's economic policies, Trump says, have hope!  To a decimated and demoralized military, Trump says, we're going to fix it, buh-lieve me.  To a nation suffering under the Obama administration's hypocritical machinations to admit hundreds of thousands of illegals through broken borders, Trump offers hope for the restoration of a nation of laws.   

Dozens of Americans have been murdered by illegals.  Michelle Obama expressed no hope to Kate Steinle's family that such brutal crimes would stop.  Kate was collateral damage in the Obamas'  campaign to recolor America; as such, Michelle Obama would never express compassion for Kate's grieving loved ones.  The first lady's disinterest in white children, evidenced by her invitations and efforts, was pointed.  Her inclination to favor black institutions, causes, and guests and to avoid schools and settings representing the actual make-up of Americans was marked.  Michelle Obama never became a first lady for all the American people, the people she was not proud to symbolize in the first place.

Michelle Obama was the only first lady in history so lacking in gratitude for her privileges that she locked the doors of the White House against the American people – and not because of war or fire, but to punish the public over the budget.  Mrs. Obama did this even as the Obamas are estimated to have spent 85 million taxpayer dollars for non-working vacations and amusements, an average of $900,000 a month for eight years.

Mrs. Obama, you haven't changed a bit.  You can go back to being ashamed of us, as long as you just go.

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