Meet Trump's 'tremendous' Christian advisers

Back in June 2016, Christianity Today published a list of Trump's Christian advisers.  The story received little attention except in a subset of Evangelical circles because many of us believed that Trump was going to lose.

Now that the electors have cast their votes, it might be profitable to re-introduce some of them.  The standards are there: James Dobson; Jerry Falwell, Jr.; ethicist and seminary president Richard Land; Ralph Reed, founder of the Faith and Freedom Coalition; pastor and author Franklin Graham; and former congresswoman Michele Bachmann.

Here are some the American public may not know about, even though they're on international TV.

James Robison, founder of LIFE Outreach International

Who he is: Robison spent much of his childhood living with his mother in extreme poverty; as an adult, he founded LIFE Outreach International, which provides for the homeless and needy. Robison is also an evangelist and co-hosts LIFE Today, a daily television program, with his wife Betty.

His evangelical ties: On his television show, Robison has hosted prominent evangelicals such as Beth Moore, Steven Curtis Chapman, Tony Evans, Robert Jeffress, Philip Yancey, Ravi Zacharias, and Max Lucado.

James Robison said on his TV show that "he loves the guy [Trump]."  He also said he and Trump talked for hours. Robison told Trump about his mother's rape and his conception, yet his mother didn't abort.  Robison indicated that his story moved the candidate Trump.

Robert Morris, author and Texas megachurch pastor:

Who he is: Morris is the founder and senior pastor at Gateway Church in Texas, where award-winning singer-songwriter Kari Jobe is a worship pastor. He is the author of 14 books, His evangelical ties: Morris is on the board at The King’s University, oversees Brady Boyd’s New Life Church in Colorado Springs (where six people were shot in 2007), and is on the board of Mark Driscoll’s new Trinity Church in Arizona.

His beliefs and politics: Gateway Church created the Vote Under God website in 2016, which encourages Christians to vote. Gateway is aiming for 100 percent voter participation among its 36,000 members this fall. Morris identifies the definition of marriage, the right to life, government vs. private health care, the national debt, and religious freedoms as key issues.

Panama-born New York mega-church pastor A.R. Bernard:

Who he is: Bernard serves as lead pastor at the Christian Cultural Center, a megachurch in Brooklyn, and is the well-connected president of New York City’s Council of Churches. The born-again banker left the finance industry for ministry in the late 1970s. His church, renamed the Christian Cultural Center in 2000, boasts 30,000 members. Once a spiritual seeker and member of the Nation of Islam, Bernard went on to criticize its theology, but continues to focus on issues faced by African Americans and Hispanics in the inner city. (Bernard himself is Panamanian-American.) He recently released a relationship book called Four Things Women Want from a Man.

The list is much longer.  Click on the link to find out about them.  They may be the ones responsible for Trump's gentler public words against his opponents and his selection of conservative cabinet members.

James Arlandson's website is Live as Free People, where he has posted Believe in the 'American Miracle' and the GOP is on a national losing streak.

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