It’s The Most Wonderful Time In Eight Years

Valerie Jarrett almost gone. John Kerry out the door. Jacob Lew waving bye-bye. Loretta Lynch to the back of the bus and on out the Exit door. Sally Jewel right into the ashcan of history. Penny Pritzker disposed of.  Sylvia Burwell on the fastback to Goodbye. Julian Castro but a memory. Anthony Fox in the last donkey cart out of town. Somebody named Moniz. Arne Duncan relegated to pounding erasers. Bob McDonald never near a Veteran ever again. And Jeh Johnson left to fiddle while Rome burns, which is his specialty. Ray Mabus gone. Van Jones but a memory. Hillary will never be President. Bill sidelined. Wiki revelations like sugarplums danced on their heads. Plug to be pulled on Obamacare. Weakness and stupidity leaving. No more trampling on the Constitution. No more secret servers and crony capitalism. No more selective enforcement of immigration laws. 47 million people on stamps will be lifted up. Jobs coming back to America. No more kissing Islamic backsides. No more failed socialist ideology pretending to be intellectual elitism. No more ‘smart diplomacy’ killing thousands. No more fake hope and change, but realism and patriotism. No more failure and defeat. And best of all, Hillary crying inconsolably over her final defeat at the hands of average Americans led by Donald J. Trump.

It's the most wonderful time

Yes the most wonderful time

Oh the most wonderful time

In eight the years!

I’m sure you’ve seen this by now, but join with me as we carol It’s The Most Wonderful Time, In Eight Years!

Much and many kudos to Dana Kamide.