It must be something in the water

Much has been said, and rightly so, about the drinking water in Flint, Michigan.  But will someone please check to see what’s been put in the water at One Franklin Square in Washington, D.C.?  In case you haven’t guessed, that’s the headquarters of the illustrious Washington Post.  Whatever it is, it must be having a peculiar effect on those who work there.

Columnist E.J. Dionne is a classic example of someone who seems to be exhibiting abnormal behavior.  Here are just a few excerpts from his article titled “The electoral college should think hard before handing Trump the presidency”:

Memo to the electoral college that votes next Monday: Our tradition -- for good reason -- tells you that your job is to ratify the state-by-state outcome of the election. The question is whether Trump, Vladimir Putin and, perhaps, Clinton’s popular-vote advantage give you sufficient reason to blow up the system.

And then there’s this:

It will be entirely understandable if 270 or more of the electors pledged to Trump decide they are agents of their state’s voters, not independent actors. They can argue, fairly, that rejecting Trump would threaten the stability of our institutions. But the threat Trump himself presents to those institutions is why electors need to think hard before they make this decision.

Oh my.  Let’s begin with the phrase “sufficient reason to blow up the system.”  And that would be exactly what?  The paranoid, and as yet unproven, theory that the Russians did it?  Or could it be a myriad of reasons, like:

  • James Comey?
  • 62,955,363 million racists who voted for Donald Trump?  (And those are CNN figures.)
  • Talk radio?  (See The Daily Beast for that theory/conspiracy.)
  • Sexism?  (You can thank The Beast again.)

The list never seems to end.  And if one scheme doesn’t seem to be working, the left simply moves on to another.  It would be hard to imagine the pressure these electors are undergoing and it’s likely to get worse before Monday.  As noted just yesterday by Heritage Foundation’s Hans A. von Spakovsky:

Before Donald Trump’s stunning victory on November 8, liberals called for acceptance of election results. But since the election didn’t go as they’d planned, some have taken to harassing and intimidating electors in an attempt to change the election results. Some of these threats may violate federal law, yet the Justice Department acts strangely uninterested in investigating.

Following the election, a coalition of liberal activist groups launched #NotMyPresident Alliance, an organization dedicated to fighting the inauguration of President-elect Trump. As part of that effort, #NotMyPresident distributed personal contact information -- including telephone numbers and addresses -- of electors in states that voted Republican.

Of course, when they call the electors, I’m sure they are saying nice things.

Even if all goes as planned on Monday, this lunacy is unlikely to stop as there is always December 28 to look forward to, as the National Archives outlines:

Electoral votes (the Certificates of Vote) must be received by the President of the Senate and the Archivist no later than nine days after the meeting of the electors. States face no legal penalty for failure to comply. If votes are lost or delayed, the Archivist may take extraordinary measures to retrieve duplicate originals.

Between December 19 and the 28th, the Russians can always hack the U.S. Postal Service, or perhaps they don’t even need to be hacked if you consider how reliable the mail is these days.  Okay, maybe they don’t get to Washington by mail.  It could be FedEx or UPS heaven forbid it isn’t done electronically, or we’re back to the Russians again.  What if they are delivered by Brinks trucks?  Perhaps KGB men will be driving.

Any way you cut it, the crazies can’t seem to help themselves.  This inability to accept reality has become a sickness.  Must be something in the water.