Israel should leave the UN

Who is to blame for the recent debacle in the U.N.?  We shall not rehash details of Obama's and Kerry's ambush, nor of perfidious Albion's tradition of genteel anti-Semitism.  Nor shall we discuss the peculiar case of one of the resolution's principal sponsors: New Zealand.  How much are the indigenous Maoris enjoying their "legal occupation"?  En passant, we will point out the absurdity of the Jewish prime minister of Ukraine ordering his ambassador to vote in favor of a resolution condemning Jewish possession of the Wailing Wall.

Instead, I blame Benjamin Netanyahu and every single one of his predecessors in the prime minister's office.  There have been more than enough blood libels perpetrated upon Jewish state, from the infamous "Zionism is Racism" resolution in the 1970s to the recent outrages at the UNESCO, at the U.N. Human Rights Council, etc. to justify suspension, if not outright withdrawal, of Israel from the U.N. membership.

Advantages of such an action are numerous.

Israel would no longer be subject to Security Council resolutions: no one would be able to accuse Israel of being in non-compliance with Resolution X and General Assembly condemnation Y.

All U.N. personnel would be deprived of diplomatic status in Israel and could be summarily removed.  This would be particularly gratifying in the case of UNRWA, which has been caught in activities supporting terror on numerous occasions.  Nor would a U.N. diplomatic passport serve as an enabling mechanism to interfere with security activities of Israeli police and the IDF.

The leftists would scream about Israel cutting itself off from the "community of nations."  To this our reply should be simply: "'Community of nations' is a Newspeak phrase to describe four wolves and a sheep voting on who is to be dinner, and we are tired of being a sheep."   

It is time for Israel to get rid of the self-imposed burden of U.N. membership.  It should have been done 40 years ago, but better late than never.