Is Obama trying to convince us he's a Muslim?

President Obama has said he is not a Muslim.  Why, then, has he taken actions that have repeatedly suggested the opposite?

1) He has refused to say the words "Islamic terrorists" or "radical Islam."

2) Officials from the Hamas front group CAIR have repeatedly visited the White House.

3) Obama distanced the U.S. from Egypt when the Muslim Brotherhood was overthrown there.

4) Obama gave the Islamic theocracy in Iran a sweetheart deal that unfroze their assets while allowing them, in a practical sense, to continue enriching uranium, building ICBMs, and funding terrorism.

5) Obama is on a massive jihad to import as many Muslims as he can from the Middle East.

6) Obama is suing towns all over America to force them to permit mosques.

7) Obama is sympathetic to false cries of "Islamophobia" but rarely to victims of Islamic terrorism.

And now, most recently, Obama has joined with anti-Semites at the U.N. to condemn Israel for the "settlements," in Jewish people's ancestral homes in Judea; Samaria; and yes, Jerusalem.  Why would he do such a thing so late in his presidency that would have no effect, other than to bash Israel and give a boost to global efforts to divest from and isolate Israel?

The only motive I can think of is that Obama hates Israel and, by obvious deduction, that Obama hates Jews.  Muslims don't have a monopoly on Jew-hatred, but you might say that when it comes to building a cottage industry of hating Jews, the last several decades Muslims have massive hotels on Boardwalk and Park Place.

It makes me wonder if Barack Hussein Obama, whose father was Muslim, who was educated in a Muslim school abroad, is merely extremely sympathetic to the Muslim point of view...or is actually one himself.  His actions have raised more questions about his beliefs than anything anyone could ever have written about him.  His obsessive hatred of Israel is only the latest example.

If people believe that Barack Obama is a Muslim, I think he has brought it on himself with his own disreputable actions.

[Photo from Obama's visit to Kenya]

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