Iran’s Revolutionary Guard taunts Obama: ‘After Aleppo, we will intervene in Bahrain, Yemen’

The consequences of President Barack Obama’s abandonment of a hard-won victory in Iraq and wimping out on his infamous “red line” in Syria will bedevil the United States when President-elect Trump takes office. Al Arabiya reports: The leaders of Iran’s Revolutionary Guards launched provocative statements against the Gulf states threatening to intervene in Bahrain and Yemen. The comments were reported by Iranian media after what they described as a “victory in Aleppo,” upon the massacres, starvation and displacement against civilians. Aleppo was considered as one of the strongholds of the opposition; however, the Syrian regime took a hold of it with the help and support of Iranian and Russian military troops. In this context, the deputy commander of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Gen. Hossein Salami told the official Iranian news agency Islamic Republic News Agency that “The victory in Aleppo will pave the way for liberating...(Read Full Post)